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The International Baccalaureate®


Revamp content on 300+ pages in 3 languages for new public website.


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Project Details

The International Baccalaureate® (IB), a leader in global education, were re-launching their public website. The content on their former site was out of date and not optimised for the web. I joined the IB’s Marketing & Communications Team in the Hague to help them present a clearer story about themselves to their global audience through their new site.

  • Assisted with the review and rewrite of content on 300+ pages in 3 languages
  • Helped establish tone of voice for all current and future web copy
  • Compiled new sitemap architecture optimised to audience’s needs
  • Migrated content onto new CMS (EPiServer)

What It Took



Used Skills

Content Strategy
Project Management
Content Migration

Project Highlights

Review and rewrite of 300+ webpages

Looking at the existing content, I first identified what content needed to be revised, created or migrated in accordance with the new architecture and marketing message. With new and revamped content identified, I planned how I and the team would work with the organisation to full fill the content gaps. Project deadlines, business resources and content processes (such as approvals and translation) were all taken into consideration to ensure this project was successfully launched on time.

Tone of voice for web copy

Working with existing marketing research and resources around the IB’s brand, I established what tone of voice should be used for all future copy on the website. This ensured the message around the brand and the organisation’s values stayed consistent going forward.

New optimised sitemap architecture

Building on top of an initial site architecture which consisted of the top level menu, I expanded this to create the complete sitemap and information architecture that took into account all audience’s content needs as well as an optimised user experience.

Migration of new, revised and existing content

As the new content for the new website came into existence, I proceeded to get this content approved by the relevant individuals across the organisation and then transferred it over to the new CMS.

What They Say About Working With Anoop

Longfei Fu

Online Media Associate at The International Baccalaureate
“Anoop is a lovely colleague with a great sense of responsibility, people skills and humour. During his assignment with us working on the new public website, he has demonstrated his ability to work under enormous pressure, at same time keeping up the team moral by bringing his positive spirits. His remarkable communication and social media skills were great assets to the project. I highly recommend him to anyone for online marketing, communication related project.”

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