What They Say About Anoop


Bernardo Mariano Junior

Chief Information Technology Officer at United Nations
“Anoop is a great asset to any organization requiring a dedicated and performing staff. Anoop’s work at World Health Organization (W.H.O.) focused in managing a complex web migration project that involved multiple internal stakeholders to implement the migration of W.H.O. web content from a legacy platform and a more modern platform. The project included the establishment of a new web content governance and new capabilities that enhanced the quality and quantity of the organization’s web content. Thanks to his extensive experience in project management, his result orientation, team work and communication skills, Anoop was instrumental to the success of this project. Therefore I recommend him to any organiization or company in need of a skilful project manager.”


Chris Strebel

Manager Digital Content eXperience Team (DCX) at World Health Organization
“Anoop did a stellar job for WHO as the Senior Project Manager for the WHO Web Transformation Project. I worked closely with Anoop over the 3.5 years of the project, and he was a catalysing force driving us to achieve a new Digital Experience Platform.

It is a massive achievement to PM the move one of the largest, most complex international websites in the world. It is all the more impressive when one considers this was done during #covidー19 when the website traffic went viral with1.3 billion visits (for 2020), a 700% increase. To ensure the website was not crushed by the weight of this new traffic Anoop worked closely Project Managing a team from Microsoft and the internal WHO servers’ team to move the WHO web architecture to the Azure Cloud.

Anoop positivity, results driven attitude and ability to work across diverse teams was key to the success of this project. As a result, I highly recommend him for any organization thinking of embarking on a digital transformation project.”


Jeroen Plag

Head of Client Coverage Americas, Asia & UK at ING Bank
“Anoop worked with me on creating my blog. He came up with good suggestions and put it all together in a very short time frame. After setting up the blog he continued with ideas and suggestions and provided for good after sales! I can highly recommend working with Anoop on creative Internet solutions.”


Bianca Marskamp

Senior Communications Manager at Nationale-Nederlanden
“I have met Anoop during the relaunch of the corporate ING CB website and was impressed with his work and expertise, especially the quality of his content creation. As a result I hired Anoop for other content driven projects and he has proven to be a valuable asset to our business. Anoop manages a project from beginning to end, is able to quickly familiarize himself with the business and deep-dives into the content to go the extra mile. I can highly recommend him for any kind of content creation and/or advise and support on revamping and effectively make us of digital media for your business.”

Longfei Fu

Online Media Associate at The International Baccalaureate
“Anoop is a lovely colleague with a great sense of responsibility, people skills and humour. During his assignment with us working on the new public website, he has demonstrated his ability to work under enormous pressure, at same time keeping up the team moral by bringing his positive spirits. His remarkable communication and social media skills were great assets to the project. I highly recommend him to anyone for online marketing, communication related project.”

Andrew Stormonth-Darling CEng

Ports and Infrastructure Manager at Siemens Energy
“Anoop developed an excellent website for a charity project of mine. He listened to our requirements, improved them further and later was ready to provide technical support at the drop of a hat. Also, he might just be one of the easiest people I’ve ever worked with.”

Ilona Iskrzycka

Coördinator International Recruitment at USG People the Netherlands
“Anoop provided my company with an effective online marketing presence. He is a friendly guy who really listens to his clients, but more importantly deliveries on his promises. He is great to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Bert Panneman

External Communications Manager at ING
“During our cooperation to get a new website live, I got to know Anoop Chana as a driven, through-thinking and in particular very social person. Anoop is able to make connections with and between people very easily. In a word, working with Anoop is an extremely positive experience.”

Emily VanderKamp

Research Communications Manager at The International Baccalaureate
“I really enjoyed working with Anoop at the International Baccalaureate. He is always professional, kind and very efficient. He managed to get quite a lot done within our organization in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend him for future work.”

Jeroen Van Bommel

Principal - Liquidity Risk Management, Central European Bank
“Anoop stands out as a very positive entrepreneurial spirit. He has a “can do” attitude that is valuable to any organization. I enjoyed reading his work.”


Delphine Stein

Organic Food Entrepreneur
Young and dynamic, Anoop Singh handled the job in a professional manner. I hired him in an emergency moment to finish my website. he helped me out without delay. He takes the time to listen to his customer needs and do his best to satisfy him/her. He is honest, reliable and performs the work at a reasonable cost. He follows up even long after the job is done and answers requests rapidly.

He’s been my business saver! I recommend him to anyone who needs a professional website.

Darshan BA

Marketing Manager - Insurance & Healthcare at Tata Consultancy Services
Anoop’s ability to get the work done through the dedication and commitment he applies is something to be noted. I would commend him also on the new ideas he bought to the processes and activities we worked on. He obtains great interpersonal and communication skills, which allowed him to develop productive relationships with management, vendors and the rest of the unit. I was pleased with Anoop’s performance and would be happy to work with him again in the future. I wish him all the success in the coming future and recommend him to any prospective employer.


Kees van Seuren

Webmaster, ING Bank
Anoop Chana knows to put his knowledge of marketing and marketing communications into practice in a professional way. He easily gets to the heart of the matter and sees to it that his projects are delivered in time. His positivity and entrepreneurial spirit qualify him both as a pleasant colleague and stimulating partner in business.

Erwin Van Reeuwijk

Sr. Controller Management Accounting at ING Commercial Banking Lending Services
Anoop is a very intelligent and driven character to work with. He is pro-active and gets a lot of things done. His ability to think in an original way, and his enthousiasme to encourage people to cooperate is legendary within ING REF. A great communicator too! And a fine curry specialist.


Jalal Tijer

Sales Officer at Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd
“I have worked with Anoop on a number of marketing projects. I can say the quality of his work is second to none and I highly recommend him as a partner to work with. He is a pleasure to deal with, very professional and does the best he can to provide you with the right solution.”